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Our Vision Statement

"Through the cross of Jesus Christ, God is calling Calvary Lutheran Church to intentionally reach out and invite all people, nuture their faith and commitment to Jesus Christ, and send them to live a faithful and fruitful life of witness and service."

Prayer is important to us at Calvary. If you have a request let us know about so we can be in prayer about it. Request prayer.

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Visit the Faith Formation Page for information on adult education, Sunday School, youth activities – all things faith formation!  

The directories are here!  Stop by and pick yours up today.  They are labeled and ready to go to their rightful owners on tables in the south hallway. 


Family Promise Host Week
October is here and we are looking forward to hosting another family for Family Promise!  We are scheduled to be the host church the week of October 30-November 5.  (Please note the date change.)

To make this week run smoothly we’ll need people to come forward and help by taking a small job.  Here’s what we’ll need:

Meal Providers:  Bring enough food for the family, yourself and the evening hosts.  We gather for a family style mealtime of conversation and fun.  This doesn't need to be fancy…just a family meal.  Come about 5:45 so we can eat at 6. 

Evening Hosts:  Arrive at the church about 4:45.  Set the table for dinner.  Meet the families when they come from the Day Center. You will eat with the families and the meal providers. Many times we watch a movie together after dinner.  School age kids may be doing homework.  About 7, get out the food options so the families can make lunches for the next day.  You can usually head home around 8.

Overnight Hosts:  Come by 8 p.m. and meet the families.  The guests go to their rooms by around 9.  Bring your own pillow, bedding or sleeping bag,  as well as overnight items.  Prep the coffee pot in the Koinonia Room before retiring.  Wake the guests in the morning and have breakfast items available in the Koinonia Room.  You will be done when the families leave, around 6:30 a.m.

Food Providers:  Provide a food item to “fill in” and to be used in lunches for the adults and children who are at the Day Center.  Items like milk, orange juice, fruit, microwave popcorn, trail mix, bread, deli meats, etc.  There will be a complete list available and we welcome other ideas!

This project is really successful! It’s a great way to make a big difference with just a little bit of your time.  Please reply to this email to let us know how you’d like to help us host this month.  We will get back to you!

Calvary’s Family Promise Team


Fall Worship at Calvary

5:30 pm – Chapel Worship

8:00 am – First Word Worship
9:05 am – Education/Fellowship
10:15 am – Foundation & Praise Worship




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